Web-to-Print Portal Platform:

The G-EC Web-to-Print portal platform has been focusing on the e-commerce practices for several years. A dealer or printing house could benefit from the platform to provide thousands of manufacturers, tens of thousands designers and consumers on converting pictures or images to add on cultural and creative prints. This will not only inspire generic people’s entrepreneurship to create business opportunities but also easily make unique culture and creative prints with tastes distributed everywhere possible.

  • Professional visual designs, according to the customer’s local style with ways to enrich internet users’ virtual shopping experiences.
  • Adopt advanced software technologies for equipping with high-performance website responses.
  • Fully integrated front-end web platform and back-end production core system, so that the production fulfillment could reach the most efficient.
  • Interface with local payment gateways, logistic supports and internet communities, connecting into local business practices.
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Digital Cloud Business Platform with the On-Line-Host:

The main body of Digital Cloud Business Platform is to provide SMEs an inexpensive and convenient photo book web editor and affordable graphic design software tools on a platform by a way of charging monthly rental. The G-Editor On-Line-Host is guided and designed with intuitive operations and user friendly interfaces; thus, the in-depth changes here have transformed the past expensive graphic design expertise into the current economic common sense on producing photo printing commodities for the life of everyone.

  • Simple and flexible operations conducted by image objects, making the output process becomes interesting.
  • Emphasize on online editing details especially for the professional quality printing requirements.
  • Creative outputs could be both diverse and simple, because the platform accumulates selective creative templates.
  • Digital cloud B2B2C business model benefits the printing industry players at all levels.
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Printing Production Core System:

The main feature of the system is the ability to integrate the whole printing house with the advanced printing equipment from worldwide, making "printing service process innovation" has become the real daily operations. Furthermore, the system design is highly flexible to expand, so as supporting a printing house is able to provide mass-customized prints to meet the end consumers’ unique individual needs.

  • The procedures, including orders production, processing, distribution, and account receivable, are integrated into one core system under management.
  • In the viewpoint of pioneering business strategy to drive and integrate operation management of the whole printing house.
  • Adopt advanced technologies and improve software functions with the times; continue to upgrade and superimpose the momentum of innovation.
  • Evolve daily practical printing know-how into the core system functions for being flexible to develop an innovative business model.
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Printing Business Management Core System and SaaS Platform:

The key idea of the system is to assist the development of printing product designers, quick print shops, graphic stores and other intermediary players, similarly to the uses of tap water and daily electricity in order to facilitate professional software, adopting the software system or SaaS platform to integrate with an advanced and innovative printing house for shortening time-to-market. This will enable printing SMEs thrive together and share the profit, and most of all go along with the evolution of the era-changing innovations in the printing industry.

  • The SaaS platform runs on international cloud computing infrastructure with high network securities and reliable 7-day 24-hour operations.
  • Achieve advanced information management on fulfilling quotes, orders, production and distribution.
  • Rich product information source interfacing with printing house production can quickly support to expand product lines to increase sales revenue.
  • The SaaS platform is suitable for printing SMEs, which could be used on demand to pay on demand calculated by monthly.
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  • ″ We are at the leading position in the Taiwan printing industry, because we have been working closely with DJIT on integrating the printing processes with advanced information technologies. Therefore, my company has equipped with ″Production Core System to host home delivery logistics and to receive customer orders from the Web-to-Print EC portal seat on the Digital Cloud.″ With the helps of both information technologies and DJIT’s professional services, Gain How has saved huge operational costs to benefit our customers by ways of providing competitive lower prices than the marketplace regular offers, and also continued development of thousands of products to meet customers’ unique demands for his/her personal prints. ″

    Saker Chang, MD, Gain How Printing Co.