Company Founded Brief Background

DingJhen Intelligent Printing Tech Co. Ltd. (its abbreviation: DJIT or DJIPrint) was established in July 2016. Encountering both of the rapid supply chain changes in the traditional printing industry and the intensive information technology evolutions to the cloud computing business, DJIT has succeed to inherit "innovative printing service" know-how and advanced information technology skills from its investing group. Therefore, taking the advantages of DJIT products including Printing Production Core System, Printing Business Management SaaS Platform for Agents or Dealers, Digital Cloud Business Platform and Web-to- Print E-Commerce Portal, DJIT bridges together the supply side : mass-customized and rapid production printing products to meet with the demand side: personal requirements on digital outputs with unique tastes. Accordingly, DJIT is able to collect and analyze big data from the SaaS platform and the E-Commerce Portal for further adopting Machine Learning technologies to upgrade software products and systems to provide on-demanding intelligent services to the clients and the public.

Business Philosophy

The business beliefs of DJIT are in “Ultimate Quality", "Innovative Services" and "Intellectual Evolution," which root in the printing industry daily production requirements, managerial explorations and development practices. Being a domain knowledge successor of a Taiwan successful printing company benefited from advanced IT, the core competencies of DJIT comprise: printing service know-how from a well-known brand printing company, professional and intellectual IT service teams, innovation capability on commercializing software products to the market and daily operating with a pioneer printing company for pursuing a new printing business model.

Thus, DJIT is further positioned itself as a product research and innovation company for providing world- class intelligent printing software systems and SaaS platforms. Furthermore, based on the wide-angle vision of doing business with partners and also an open-minded manner of sharing innovative printing service experiences to the industry from DJIT’s investing group, DJIT’s explicit purpose is to set up its own professional teams with the latest IT for supporting the traditional printing industry players to evolve their innovative new business models in the next printing generation.

Main Operations for Business Development Divisions Group

Core System & Module

Sell and R&D production & distribution core systems with automation interfaces for providing printing services.

Dealer System & SaaS Platform

Promote and develop printing business management SaaS Cloud platforms for agents, dealers or distributors in the printing industry.

EC & Digital Cloud Platform

Sell and develop web-to- print e-commerce portals and digital Cloud business platforms for supporting trading cultural and creative prints.

Printing Industry Know-How Output

Implement core printing systems with a large scale turnkey project of a printing house.

World-Class Software Agency

Ally with international advanced printing software players and being a distributor of world-class software tools related to upgrade printing services.